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A Turnkey Solution for Farm Shop Cold Storage

farm shop cold storage


Whether you’re in the process of setting up your own farm shop or giving an established business a bit of a practical makeover to optimise its performance and appearance, there are a number of sure-fire ways in which you can implement quick and easy storage facilities to keep everything fresh and perfectly in its prime position. Every Cooling Solution looks back over seventy years’ worth of experience within the temperature control industry and we have a strong history of providing turnkey solutions for organisations that rely on refrigeration. Here’s why their products might just offer you an immediate resolution to any and all storage problems inherent in running a farm shop, resulting in vast improvements in performance and perfect peace of mind for yourself and your employees.


Back Of House Storage


Depending on the size of your business, you may prefer to keep a quantity of stock in warehousing or back of house storage to bring out later, as and when required. Of course, you need to consider how quickly the items on your shelves will sell, as you don’t want to be throwing goods away before they’ve even seen the light of day. You should also think about how your produce will need to be stored. It’s always important to do your research and discover if certain things are best kept frozen or refrigerated, and at what temperature, as this will make a great difference to its shelf life. Remember to take the size of each item into account too, as this will affect the temperature at which it will need to be kept. Once you’re clear on the facts, take a look through Every Cooling Solutions’ range of products. We can supply refrigeration units, industrial freezers and cold rooms of all sizes – perfect for the storage of your fresh goods before they eventually make their way onto the shop floor and into your customer’s kitchens.


In-Store Options


Of course, once you’ve got your storage space ready to be filled with products, the next step is to get everything in front of the customers in as practical and visually pleasing a way as possible. Always take the time to think about the layout of your shop floor, and how many of your items will need to be kept in refrigeration at any one time. It’s definitely worth considering the “journey” of the customer and the popularity of certain products in order to come up with an intuitive set up that will make sense to everyone and mean that your products are as visible and accessible as possible. Once you’ve done as much planning as you can, it will be well within your interests to make contact with Every Cooling Solution with your specific requirements. Our specialists can go through everything with you, making occasional helpful suggestions, and will respond to your needs by creating the perfect refrigerated display cabinets and chest freezers to your exact specifications. They’ll fit right into your floor plan and present all your products to customers in the most attractive and effective manner possible, keeping everything absolutely fresh at all times.


Get Started Today with Every Cooling Solution


Planning and installing your refrigeration and freezer systems can seem like a lot of complicated work, and many individuals find this stage of setting up their own farm shop particularly daunting. However, the process is made so much easier with Every Cooling Solution. We’ll assist you from beginning to end, from your initial enquiry to the ongoing maintenance of your units once we’ve installed them. We’ll talk you through your requirements, generate a detailed estimated quote and help you to plan your project in detail, ensuring that every solution is optimised and functions to the very highest standard. Everything will be created bespoke for your company’s needs. We’ll manufacture your units, install them and finally test them to ensure they perform exceptionally. From there, you can contact us at any time to make sure that your units are well maintained and taken care of.


For further information about the products and services offered by Every Cooling Solution, get in touch with our team today on 01527 834661 or email Don’t hesitate to let us know every detail of your requirements. The more information we have, the easier it is to create the perfect turnkey cold storage solution for you and your farm shop. You can also visit our headquarters at Basepoint Business Centre, Bromsgrove Technology Park, Isidore Road, Bromsgrove, B60 3ET.

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