70 years experience in the temperature control industry


More and more often businesses are looking for a full turnkey solution. They want to go to one expert provider who can deliver the complete package they require.

Two established companies within the cold storage and refrigeration industry identified this need and with their combined experience, expertise and knowledge they are able to provide customers with what they want – cold storage solutions encompassing every aspect of cooling. Cold rooms, refrigeration, lighting, flooring and doors for every application and every specification.

In this evolving industry, Every Cooling Solution want to take your idea, your vision and create the perfect, temperature controlled environment for your requirements. Our Project Managers are experienced in planning and producing large scale cold storage systems for a variety of industries and applications, with expert knowledge in everything from farm shop and retail to pharmaceutical  and industrial refrigerated storage facilities.

The projects we undertake are completed to the highest standards, with the highest quality products and service ensuring every aspect of your requirements are met.Every Cooling Solution wants to contribute to a cleaner environment, ensuring our refrigerated products adhere to stringent European Test Standards. We consider environmental issues at all stages of design and we strive to use the latest in natural refrigerant technology – utilising the most energy efficient and natural refrigeration systems.

Every Cooling Solution brings your vision of innovation and sustainable cooling to life.

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