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Can ECS Help Me in The Food Processing Industry?

Food Processing Industry


When it comes to the food processing industry, there is a continuous process from the initial agreement with the agricultural producer to having food shipped out to supermarkets for consumers to buy. We at Every Cooling Solution can fit nicely into your process to help in making your procedure run smoothly and efficiently.


Cold Rooms and Refrigeration Systems


The preservation and containment of food is a vital task in the continuing progression of the food processing industry. A great deal of food goods, such as meat, need to be kept in a refrigerated state in order to be suitable for customers to consume at a later stage. This dodges the possibility of illnesses being contracted from the food.

At Every Cooling Solution, we have a variety of bespoke cooling systems that would be suitable for use in the food processing industry. Our Cold room solutions are perfect for containments that need to be between -40°C to +18°C. They are suitable for chilled, frozen and ambient room requirements. These cold rooms can be filled with various foods: dairy products, meat, fish, cereal, vegetables etc. Wherever your company is in the process of food supplying, our bespoke cold rooms are more than capable of meeting your needs to keep your food fresh and acceptable to be moved along into distribution.

Our energy efficient and natural refrigeration systems are something we try to promote to all clients. In terms of food processing, it is of course more than suitable, but also it helps to make our clients eco-conscious. Our refrigeration systems use CO2 and low global warming potential refrigerants. We do this to assist in reducing the impact of Global Warming, so we can provide the lowest carbon footprint solution. Not only would we be helping you with your food processing needs, but we would also be assisting nature by reducing the negative effects of Global Warming.

In short, yes, our bespoke solutions for your cooling needs would be ideal in assisting the production line of food goods. We would be able to create a suitable storage area for companies integrated into the food processing industry, to ensure their food that is in preparation for distribution is constantly and efficiently kept at the appropriate temperature.

If you feel that Every Cooling Solution is a manufacturer that could fulfill your cooling needs, or if you simply have more questions concerning Every Cooling Solution’s ability to contribute to the food processing industry, please contact us. You can call us on 01527 834661, or e-mail us at

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