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Can ECS Offer a Temperature Controlled Solution to Help Your Industry?

It’s fair to say, effective cold storage is a top priority for many different industries and sectors. Many businesses rely on temperature-controlled rooms and units to provide their services; they are a necessity, needed to keep products and produce at the optimal temperature and at all times.

But when it comes to finding the perfect cold storage solution, one thing we have learnt over the years – here at Every Cooling Solution (ECS) – is that people want convenience. Business owners and managers want to go to just one expert provider in the field, somebody who can provide a bespoke turnkey package and cater for all their cold storage needs. This is why we strive to cover all the bases, offering a comprehensive range of cold storage solutions. Whatever your individual needs or requirements, we guarantee, we can create a temperature controlled solution to suit your industry.

A Bespoke Temperature Controlled Solution for Every Industry

Food Processing and Retail

When it comes to food processing companies, safety and hygiene are of paramount importance – and that applies to both the equipment used to process food and its subsequent storage. Your cold storage solution needs to be efficient and cost-effective and it should keep all food products at the correct temperature. If you’re in the business of selling food, rather than processing it, effective cold storage is equally important. Fresh produce needs to be continuously chilled and frozen products should be maintained at sub-zero temperatures in order to maintain their safety and quality.

Luckily, the food processing and retail industry is one of our specialities, here at ECS. We deliver a comprehensive range of food-safe cooling solutions, including cold rooms and retail storage, retail refrigeration units and retail display cabinets. Whatever your specific needs or requirements, we can offer a bespoke temperature controlled solution that ticks all the right boxes for your business.


Adequate cold storage is vital to running any business which serves food and drinks, whether it be a city hotel or fancy restaurant. With a large number of guests to cater for, the last thing you want is for perfectly good food and drink to spoil. Not only could this result in a monetary loss for your business, but it has the potential to ruin your reputation and – in extreme cases – your legal standing. You need a cold storage system that you can rely on and, here at ECS, we can provide that.

We currently offer a range of hotel refrigeration units that are perfect for the food and drink typically found in hotels and restaurants. These units can be tailored to your individual needs, whilst still adhering to strict health and safety regulations and they will ensure that your perishable goods are kept at a constant optimal temperature. We also offer bespoke hotel display cabinets of different sizes, which can be styled to enhance the aesthetics of your premises. Highly effective and built to last, our hotel refrigeration solutions are the perfect addition to your hotel or restaurant.

Logistics and Industrial Warehousing

Industrial warehouses and logistics companies often require large-scale cold storage rooms that maximise efficiency and encourage high levels of productivity in the workplace. Members of staff need to have quick and easy access to each room and products need to be kept at the correct temperature, thus ensuring they reach customers in the perfect condition.

Here at ECS, our extensive collection of cold rooms and specialised doors are particularly suited to the logistics and warehousing industry. We offer suitable storage for a diverse range of products and our industrial warehouse doors are perfect for separating temperature controlled environments, reducing energy costs and improving security – without slowing down your businesses productivity.

Pharmaceutical Storage Facilities

If storing medical and pharmaceutical products, it isn’t surprising that strict rules and regulations apply. In order to maintain their safety and efficacy, it is vitally important that such products are protected under every circumstance and stored at the perfect temperature.

This is why, here at ECS, all of our cold rooms and cooling systems include backup refrigeration. If for whatever reason one refrigeration unit was to fail, another would kick-in and no products would be lost. Once again, pharmaceutical storage facilities are made bespoke to order and they can be completely tailored to meet your individual needs and requirements.

Farming and Farm Shops

If you’re the proud owner of a farm or farm shop, you will understand the importance of an effective cold storage system. A temperature-controlled room is often essential to grow certain plants or food products and they are vital if you wish to preserve fruit and vegetables for as long as possible and store your meat products in a safe and efficient manner.

Here at ECS, we offer high-quality cold rooms for temperatures ranging from -40°C to +18°C, thus making them suitable for a variety of different produce – from fruit and vegetables to dairy products and cooked and uncooked meats. When creating the perfect temperature controlled solution, we always take the day-to-day processes of a farm into consideration. Our aim is to devise an effective and sustainable solution, which complements your workflow and maximises the lifespan of your products. We cater for farms of all sizes, tailoring our cold rooms to meet your individual needs and requirements, and we can even provide bespoke display cabinets for use in your farm shop.

Contact ECS for All Temperature Controlled Solutions

If you would like to find out more about any of the temperature controlled solutions currently available at ECS and how they are suited to your industry, please feel free to get in touch. Our dedicated and friendly team of staff demonstrate significant experience and knowledge in this area and they can offer tailored advice and guidance on the best cold storage options for you and your business. Simply drop us a message using the online contact form for or give us a call on 01527 834661 and we can discuss your individual needs and requirements in detail.

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