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What to Consider When Choosing a Cold Room Refrigeration Unit

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When you are installing or refurbishing a cold room, there are many things to consider to ensure an effective, efficient end result. You’ll have to take the insulation of the room into account, as well as looking at power supply, ventilation, storage space, air circulation, intended use and more – but one of the most important aspects of your cold room installation is the cold room refrigeration unit that you choose.

The cold room refrigeration unit is the engine of the cold room, providing the refrigeration capacity, air movement and power necessary to reach the optimal chilling temperature in the room. Lower insulation capacity can be countered with a more powerful cold room refrigeration unit, while an optimally-insulated and set up cold room can benefit enormously from suitable cold room refrigeration.

The aspects of cold room refrigeration which you should take into account when choosing a cold room refrigeration unit include:


How big is the room which you are planning to refrigerate? While many of the cold room refrigeration units available from Every Cooling Solution are able to effectively refrigerate rooms of many sizes, for some cold rooms, a particular refrigeration unit will be required. This is especially true in very large or very small cold rooms, and in businesses with specific energy consumption demands, as an oversized cooling unit will draw too much energy and take up too much space, while an undersized one will have to work too hard to refrigerate the area and will eventually “burn out.”

The experts at Every Cooling Solution will be able to help you to choose the perfect size and power of refrigeration unit based on your needs.


Do you need a refrigeration unit that comes pre-packaged and ready to use? If so, be sure to look at the Kide Monoblocks from Every Cooling Solution. These high-quality cold room refrigeration units are sold as a complete package, that simply need to be plugged in to get your cold room running!

However, if you need a solution with more customisation options, or you would rather a cold room refrigeration unit with a more modular construction, Every Cooling Solution can help you. Just browse our selection online or call our head office for more information!

Space Inside Your Cold Room

If you have limited cold room space, then a refrigeration unit which takes up a large volume inside the room may not be a practical option. A smaller refrigeration unit may free up more storage space and ultimately create a more efficient cold room – or you could opt for a wall-mounted or roof-mounted cold room refrigeration unit, placing your refrigerator in an inaccessible area and freeing up all the usable space in the cold room for storage.

If you would like more information on the factors to take into account when choosing a cold room refrigeration unit, you can get in touch with the experts at Every Cooling Solution on 01527 834661 or email us on – we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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