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How Can ECS Help with Hotel Cold Storage?

Running a hotel comes with many of the same challenges that running a restaurant does – but with the added pressures of larger numbers of guests and providing hospitality services on top of the usual food and drinks industry requirements! With so much going on in your hotel, the last thing you want to worry about is your cold storage, but it’s a vital component of your food and drinks service – so choose a cold storage provider you can rely on to provide the best service on the market: choose Every Cooling Solution!

Why do You Need Hotel Cold Storage?

Proper cold storage is vital to running any business which serves food and drinks, and hotels are no exception. Choosing the right hotel cold storage option for your establishment means a more efficient, more hygienic and more high-quality hotel restaurant experience for all your guests, so choose wisely! Luckily, Every Cooling Solution is here to help – we can provide any advice you need on appropriate hotel cold storage solutions, and have years of experience as the industry-leading provider of bespoke cooling solutions to a huge range of industries and businesses. For more information, you can get in touch with us on 01527 834661, or read on!

Hotel Cold Storage is Essential for Food Safety

The first and most important aspect of hotel cold storage is that proper refrigeration is essential for food safety. Without adequate cold storage for the food and drinks in your hotel, they will spoil and become unsafe for consumption – in some cases very rapidly. While it is theoretically possible to avoid this by constantly bringing in fresh food as your hotel’s existing stock spoils, in reality this is prohibitively impractical – cold temperatures slow or stop the growth of bacteria within the food and drinks, preventing food poisoning and keeping food fresh and delicious, so why not make the most of this?

Hotel refrigeration units, whether a simple refrigerator or a cold room, are the ideal answer to keeping your hotel within regulations and keeping your food and drinks safe.

Cold Storage Greatly Improves Cost-Efficiency

As noted above, without cold storage, fresh food and drink must be constantly brought into the hotel, and the risk of contaminated food and resultant food poisoning skyrockets. With cold storage, your food and drinks can be efficiently preserved, saving you all manner of headaches, allowing you to organise and budget stocks more effectively and cutting your running costs enormously.

Refrigeration Units Preserve Food and Drinks Quality

As well as improving food and drinks safety, proper refrigeration maintains the quality and freshness of your stock, making sure that your customers get to enjoy the freshest, most delicious ingredients possible. Choosing the right hotel cold storage for your hotel means better quality food and drinks, happier customers, and ultimately, better reviews!

What Sort of Cold Storage Can Hotels Use?

Hotel cold storage takes many forms, from refrigerators and freezers to display cabinets, cold rooms and walk-in freezers, each serving a different purpose for your business. If you’re having trouble deciding which of our hotel cold storage options is the best for you, you can always ask us for advice and recommendations by calling our head office on 01527 834661 or using the contact form on this page – we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect cold storage solution for your needs!

Hotel Refrigeration Units

The first and most commonly-seen hotel refrigeration solution, hotel refrigeration units include large commercial refrigerators and are ideal for small- to medium-demand applications. No matter how large or small you need your hotel refrigeration units to be, our team of experts can provide you with the results you need, built specially to fit your requirements!

While we can provide a wide range of sizes to suit your hotel refrigeration needs, larger or busier hotels may find that the most efficient option for their cold storage is one of our industry-gold-standard quality cold rooms – see below for more information.

Hotel Display Cabinets

Hotel display cabinets are usually used in a buffet, hotel breakfast room, or bar, where they can keep food and drinks fresh and delicious while advertising them to your guests. People are much more likely to buy something which they can see in front of them, and with a hotel display cabinet keeping it cold and appetising, it’ll look all the more tempting!

Cold Rooms for Hotels

In larger establishments or busy hotels, it’s wise to invest in a larger, more efficient cold storage option – a cold room from Every Cooling Solution is ideal. Coldrooms allow you to consolidate your cold storage into one area, making for a much more energy-efficient and space-efficient cold storage solution.

One cold room can provide the same refrigeration space as a whole bank of commercial refrigerators, but with only one power input and only one set of insulated walls, the investment in space and energy is much lower, freeing resources up that could be better used elsewhere and leading to a more efficient, less wasteful business. If you’re interested in a cold room for your hotel, Every Cooling Solution will be happy to help you find the perfect walk-in coldroom for your needs – we provide bespoke cold rooms designed and built from the ground up with your requirements in mind!

Hotel Freezer Rooms

If your hotel cold storage needs call for something a little more deeply refrigerated than a chiller room or cold room, Every Cooling Solution can provide you with bespoke hotel freezer rooms capable of chilling down to -40°C. These walk-in freezers are built to your specifications and offer enough freezer space for even the busiest hotels!

How Can ECS Help with Hotel Cold Storage?

Every Cooling Solution have been providing industry-leading hotel cold storage solutions for food and drinks storage for years – we are proud to be able to help our clients by offering the expertise needed to find the best possible cold storage solutions for hotels and hospitality based on your unique requirements. Once that is done, our experienced, creative design and engineering team creates your bespoke cold storage solution, providing tailored results that fit your needs perfectly, and that you can rely on every time.

Bespoke Solutions

As mentioned above, Every Cooling Solution specialise in creating bespoke cooling solutions that completely match the unique requirements of your individual business. Making the best possible use of space and taking into account everything that you need from your cold storage solution, Every Cooling Solution can make and install a cold room, hotel display cabinet or hotel refrigeration unit that fits neatly into your existing business and does exactly what you need it to do.

Quick Turnaround Times

At ECS, we work hard to provide the fastest turnaround times possible. If you need cold storage, get in touch with us today on 01527 834661 or submit a request via our contact form, and we’ll work out a timeframe and installation schedule that suits you.

Turnkey Installation

When Every Cooling Solution send our engineers and installation teams to set up your hotel cold storage, they don’t just turn up and get to work, creating a huge obstacle – our installation times and methods are carefully chosen to cause minimal disruption to your business operations, after site visits and consultations with you to ensure a smooth, stress-free installation that fits precisely into your existing facilities and operations.

Contact Every Cooling Solution for Hotel Cold Storage Today!

If you would like to know more about our hotel cold storage solutions or how they can fit your business needs, you can get in touch with Every Cooling Solution today on our telephone number, 01527 834661, or use the contact form on this page – we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, provide any advice you may need, or arrange a site visit or a quote!

We look forward to speaking to you!

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