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How can ECS help with retail cold storage?

Cold storage room for fresh produce

Here at Every Cooling Solution (ECS), we provide cost-effective commercial storage solutions to the retail industry, which enables quality preservation and presentation for various supermarkets, grocery stores, farm shops, and more.

Our retail cold storage solutions enable business growth by providing the following:

Increased storage

Our cold storage solutions give you significantly increased storage space for all your produce, which provides protection from bacteria or cross contamination.

We offer a tailored ‘cool and chill’ cold room service, which is ideal for any business operating within the retail industry. Our cold rooms can be constructed to meet your exact requirements. They can be implemented to ensure that there is enough room to accommodate stock within temperatures between 0° to 18°. This type of climate can accommodate a variety of products including dairy produce, cooked foods, ready-made goods, raw ingredients, and more.

Our ‘Freeze’ cold rooms are ideal for any products that must be stored in temperatures from -40° to 0°. We have a variety of freezers to suit all your freezing needs, these include blast, carton/box, tunnel, spiral, and deep freezers.

Well-organised stock

We provide refrigerated display cases, which can be used to showcase your products and organise stock, improving the overall look of your business.

We offer a bespoke range,  giving you the freedom to design an entirely new display cabinet, which meets your requirements and ensures your stock is suitably stored. Prototypes can also be used to showcase your design, which will help you decide on your final design before construction.

You can also choose from our primary range, which includes multideck displays, serve-over cabinets and fruit and vegetable display case. This range offers the perfect organisation solution for a range of businesses – from supermarkets to corner shops.

Eco-friendly service

Here at Every Cooling Solution, all our products are implemented with the intention of keeping the environment as safe as possible.

Our refrigeration systems are extremely energy efficient, as we encourage the use of hydrocarbon refrigerants, which helps to reduce your carbon footprint. This ensures that your business is operating as eco-friendly as possible.

As part of our eco-efficient service, we include BREEAM assessments, which establish the sustainability of your cold room solutions and offer recommendations on how to improve your economic and environmental position.

Cost-efficient solutions

We offer a full lifecycle service, starting from initial survey to installation and ongoing assessments. This allows you to gain great value for your money when investing in our long-lasting products.

During the planning process, we always consider your budget in accordance with the longevity of the chosen product – ensuring that the service we provide benefits you and your business.

Contact ECS today!

Here at Every Cooling Solution, we work hard to provide turnkey solutions to the retail industry. Our cold room solutions are not only implemented to protect your produce but will also improve the overall efficiency of your business.

For further information on our retail cold storage solutions, please contact us via email or call us on 01527 834661.

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