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How Can I Improve the Efficiency of My Industrial Cold Room?

checking the temperature of goods in an industrial cold room

If you rely on an industrial cold room, refrigeration or freezer system for your business to function, it’s only natural for you to seek out ways to improve the performance of this equipment. Enhanced energy efficiency will save you money and other easy changes can help to prevent stock spoiling. Here are a few of the ways in which you can improve the efficiency of your industrial cold room according to the experts at Every Cooling Solution.


6 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of a Cold Room


  1. Pay Attention to Storage Requirements

You should be keeping a close eye on the instructions displayed on each item you store in your cold room. You may be surprised at how many items do not require refrigeration at all. If these are removed, you may discover you have room for far more goods to be stored. Other items have different refrigeration demands, so be sure that you keep all goods with similar requirements together at the right temperature.


  1. Stack Items Correctly

Each industrial refrigerator, freezer, and cold room comes with guidelines regarding the maximum height at which products can be stacked for optimum performance. You need to adhere to these regulations – not just for safety, but also to allow for the correct circulation of refrigerated air. Never block any fans or vents, as this will cause problems not only for temperature regulation but also for the movement of air that would otherwise cause items to go stale more quickly. To this same end, be sure not to overstock your cold room, as this may prevent cold air from reaching everything properly.


  1. Close the Door!

This may seem an obvious point, but you’d be surprised at how many owners of industrial cold rooms fail to keep theirs properly sealed. This is sometimes accidental – items may get caught in the door and prevent it from closing correctly, or it may be left to swing shut of its own accord, which may not always work – but whatever the reason, the results can be pretty costly. You should also be sure not to hold the door open for too long – having a conversation with a colleague, for example – as this will allow warm air in and compromise the temperature of the room.


  1. No Warm Stock

You need to make sure that nothing in your cold room is hot or warm when it is stored for refrigeration. Items above a certain temperature will change the temperature of the air around it, potentially affecting other products. Also, take care when transferring items in and out of your cold room. If, for example, you receive stock from a refrigerated lorry, you should transfer it all to your cold rooms or freezer units straight away. Some items can go bad if they are left to defrost or warm up even slightly.


  1. Turn it Off if Not in Use

It’s always a good idea to give your cold room, refrigerator or freezer a bit of a break if it’s not being used to store anything. Depending on its design, you should either raise its temperature or switch it off totally to save energy. Remember, you should never turn freezer units off completely. Even little things like turning lights off can make a huge difference when it comes to your overall energy bill, so reducing the energy consumption of an entire cold room unit when it’s not in use is a very positive approach.


  1. Report All Problems Straight Away

Many cold rooms will come with a warranty, so you’ve nothing to lose if you let your supplier know about anything that might be amiss. It’s always best to report issues early on, as small problems can get worse and prove to be much more expensive than they would have been if they had been dealt with earlier.


Damage or failings in the performance of your industrial cold room can be extremely costly to your business, not just in terms of having to pay for repairs, but also because many of your products may be found to be faulty or compromised as a result of insufficient refrigeration. For the good of your company, its clients and its customers, it’s vitally important that you practice proper care for your refrigeration units and safeguard them for the future by reporting any problems.


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