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How Important is Insulated Flooring to a Cold Room?

How Important is Insulated Flooring to a Cold Room

Effective cold storage is essential to the day-to-day running and success of many different businesses and most site managers now understand the importance of getting it right. They do their research, decide on a cold room or cooling system that best suits their business needs, and make the necessary investments. However, in this process, the importance of industrial insulated flooring continues to get overlooked. It may not seem like a crucial aspect of your cold storage solution, but it’s potential effects and benefits should not be underestimated. Here we take a look at each of these benefits in more detail and explore just how important industrial flooring is to your cold room.

Five Benefits of Industrial Flooring

Internal Temperature Control

Dependent upon the materials from which they are constructed and the way in which they are laid, different types of flooring can affect and change the ambient temperature of a room. This is why a lounge with its plush insulated carpet is often much warmer than a bathroom with its cold and shiny tiles. The flooring inside an industrial cold room can have a similar effect; therefore, if your business relies on keeping products at an optimal temperature, it is important to choose the right type.

Industrial flooring – such as resin flooring, epoxy floor coating, and epoxy resin floor screed – demonstrate excellent insulating properties. They will help to stabilise internal temperatures within the cold room, improving its efficacy and efficiency. Here at Every Cooling Solution (ECS), we offer an extensive range of flooring solutions for a broad spectrum of industries, from pharmaceuticals and distribution to food retail and agriculture. With the potential to create significant energy savings and financial benefits for your business, they are a worthwhile investment and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Maximising Cleanliness

Industrial flooring is often designed with maximum cleanliness and hygiene in mind. Take for example the heavy-duty resin bound epoxy screed and flow applied epoxy flooring, currently available at ECS. Thanks to their smooth and shiny finish, they are incredibly low maintenance and they are both easy to clean after daily use or if an accidental spillage occurs. Such hygienic flooring is therefore perfect for environments where cleanliness and hygiene levels are of paramount importance – such as pharmaceutical storage facilities, clean rooms and food preparation areas –  where strict safety rules and hygiene practices must be adhered to at all times.

Durable and Hard-Wearing

Cold storage units are typically very busy environments. There’s likely to be a constant exchange of products, with new products coming into the cold room and items being taken back out for delivery. Staff will frequently need to access the facility, either on foot or using a heavy-duty vehicle, and it is vitally important that your flooring can withstand the continuous wear and tear of daily use.

Here at ECS, we offer a fantastic range of heavy duty flooring; designed with maximum durability in mind and perfect for use in a wide spectrum of industrial settings. Our heavy duty resin flooring, in particular, has been built to last. It is extremely hard-wearing and, no matter how much traffic passes through your cold room in a day, major walkways and busy zones will retain their colour and maintain their high-quality appearance. Industrial heavy duty flooring offers value for money. It lasts a very long time and you won’t need to worry about the expense of frequent replacement.

Excellent Moisture Resistance

When it comes to cold room storage, of course, maintaining the room at a constant optimal temperature is of paramount importance; however, moisture levels are of considerable importance too. Moisture and condensation come hand-in-hand with extremely low temperatures and it can have a detrimental effect upon both the electrical equipment within the cold room and the condition of your products. Measures should be taken to limit the amount of moisture within the cold room and, once again, this is where industrial flooring can be of great benefit.

Due to its effective insulating properties, industrial flooring limits thermal conduction and therefore helps to prevent the formation of moisture and condensation. Certain types of industrial resin flooring and floor seals also provide a protective surface. They are fully water-resistant and, when condensation gathers, the surface can be cleaned and dried in a quick and efficient manner.

Levelling Out

Industrial flooring, such as the heavy duty cementitious currently available at ECS, is a fantastic option if you need to level out the surface of your cold room floor. This may seem like a minor advantage in the grand scheme of things; however, it can be of great benefit to the day-to-day functioning of your cold room. An even and resilient floor surface could make it much easier for staff and vehicles to access the room, thus improving their efficiency and productivity levels. It is fast-drying and ready for use within 24 hours and it is a viable flooring solution for many different settings.

Contact ECS for Insulated Flooring Solutions

ECS is a highly established company in the cold storage and refrigeration industry. Collectively, our team of staff have 70 years’ experience in this area and we demonstrate exceptional knowledge and expertise. Further details on the industrial flooring solutions we offer can be found here. However, if you would like to find out more about insulated industrial flooring and its importance within your cold room, please feel free to get in touch. We are always happy to help, and we can provide tailored advice and guidance on the best type of industrial flooring for you and your business. Just give us a call on 01527 834661 or send a quick enquiry using the online contact form.

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