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Industries Using Cold Storage

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Why Would Industries Use Cold Storage?

As you would expect, many industries require the use of cooling systems. Some companies need items to be kept at a particular temperature for different reasons through the use of an industrial cold room. Whether it be food, medical specimens or equipment, safety hazards will become apparent if some items aren’t kept at a minimal temperature through cold rooms or freezers. Below are industries that require the services of cold storage refrigeration from Every Cooling Solution.


Food Processing

Food processing/manufacturing needs to be done with the upmost care. The incorrect treatment of food preparation, especially within warehousing or factory working, can cause high effects of hazards towards health. Contaminants such as Salmonella, if spread into food and distributed, can cause serious illnesses for the general public who are buying said food, such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea and stomach cramps. By keeping food stored properly and at a suitable temperature (all through the processes of storage, processing and transportation to buying outlets), it is ensured that the distribution from food processing is kept safe for the public to later consume.


Food Retail/Restaurants

Much like food processing, restaurant cold storage and food retail companies such as supermarkets are extremely important. Restaurants will mainly be kitted with a normal cold room and a cold room freezer. Similar to the food processing industry, restaurant and supermarket business also need to keep their products cooled or frozen. This enables food to be kept in a suitable condition to be eaten at some point and reduces chances of food going off, meaning companies are not losing out on stock, therefore wasting funding into buying food from suppliers.

Every Cooling Solution can create and fit bespoke cold storage refrigeration units for a range of different food retailers such as restaurants, no matter the dimensions (as long as they are within regulation guidelines).


Warehouse Storage

Although cold rooms aren’t as readily implemented as in other industries, the warehousing industry do sometimes consist of cold room refrigeration units. Businesses that deal in renting out storage for people, such as self-storage units, can be known to provide cold storage facilities.

Every Cooling Solution can be tasked with facilitating appropriate warehouse units with cold storage capabilities, giving them the cooling solutions, they need.


Research Laboratories

For research facilities, dealing with various pieces of scientific equipment and items, there needs to be facilities that allow them to keep things under a constant state of temperature control. This is due to some items that are being used in research ventures needing to be below a particular temperature to be usable and help in fulfilling the researching needs of the laboratory.


I.T Data Centres

Information technology use is at an all-time high nowadays, with technological advances being done almost every day in the modern age. Because of computer/data-based centres being so heavy in their use of electrical based equipment now, the extreme and overflowing use can actually cause overheating to the point of fire hazards being caused and equipment becoming damaged. Data centres tend to use servers and supercomputers, which need to be active at all times, which again adds to the possibility of dangerous hazards.

Thanks to the abilities of cold room refrigeration, these data centres can save their equipment and data files from being lost or destroyed. Industrial cold rooms being installed can cool down the equipment and keep the possibility of overheating at bay. Cold room refrigeration also assist in preventing data centre equipment from potential contamination


Medical Storage

Medical buildings such as hospitals, clinics and pharmacies tend to use cold storage refrigeration units for two different reasons. Firstly, specialist hospitals can sometimes require containment facilities for patients that require a sterilised and/or climate-controlled environment, usually to keep people safe from the possibility of contamination. Secondly, all types of medical organisations, namely the ones mentioned above, tend to need cold storage for the simple reason of item storage like many other industries. Medical storage will tend to be used for preservation of blood, various types of samples and medicines to enable them to be used for whatever reason in future.



The electronics industry, much like the industry of I.T Data Centres requires cold room refrigeration for the use of keeping equipment cool and keeping the chances of overheating (and possible heat-related hazards) at bay. This industry also uses the facilities of cold storage for the purpose of cleanliness. Electronics need to be kept at a low temperature during manufacturing, but also they need to be kept from coming into contact with foreign materials such as dust.


Why ECS?

Need a bespoke design for your cold room refrigeration? Do not hesitate to contact Every Cooling Solution today! Every Cooling Solution use their expertise and knowledge of cold storage solutions to help industries around the world in their cooling needs. We work on everything for you, from the cold room themselves right down to the detail of the lighting and flooring requirements. If you feel that our expert knowledge as cold storage manufacturers is right for you, please call us on 01527 834661, or alternatively email us at One of our experts will be happy to help you with any query you may have.

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