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LED Lighting and Cold Storage: A Primer

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Lighting your cold storage area is an important consideration – most cold rooms and cold storage warehouses don’t have windows, so if you don’t want to try working in the dark, you’ll need a reliable, high-quality lighting solution.

Crucial for the efficiency and safety of the cold room, your cold room lighting should never be overlooked, and choosing the right type of lighting can make the difference between an efficient, well-optimised, inexpensive cold room and a costly waste of energy and maintenance time.

That’s why Every Cooling Solution offers a range of LED cold room lighting ! as part of our turn-key solutions – we are dedicated to providing the best possible services and facilities, and that includes lights!

Why Choose LEDs to Light Your Cold Room?

LED lights from Every Cooling Solution are the ideal lighting type for any cold storage facility. With unbeatable quality, efficiency and light output, we make sure that all of our cold room LED lighting is up to CIBSE SLL lighting standards, so our customers can expect the same great results every time!

The Advantages of LED Lights as Cold Storage Lighting

LED lights have a number of advantages over traditional lighting – particularly when incorporated into the specially-designed cold room luminaires supplied to your requirements by Every Cooling Solution. In a controlled environment, like the inside of a cold storage facility, you need to know that your lighting is as efficient as possible, with the minimum heat emissions and the maximum light output, lifespan and durability. Luckily, the luminaires from Every Cooling Solution do just that.

The advantages of LED lights as cold storage lighting include:

Low Heat Emissions

The first major advantage of using LED lights in your cold storage lighting is the comparatively low amount of heat that they emit. Unlike incandescent lights, which emit light by heating a tungsten filament to white-hot temperatures, or arc lights, which emit huge amounts of heat while using an electrical arc to emit light, LED lighting is much more efficient and less likely to emit heat energy into the cold room.

Even at comparatively small scales, use of high-heat lights in a cold room can introduce a surprising amount of heat into the room, forcing your cooling unit to work harder and increasing your energy bill – or simply raising the internal temperature and damaging the quality and consistency of your cold room storage.

However in conjunction with the much cooler, more efficient LED bulbs used in our cold room lighting, Every Cooling Solution also uses specially designed, specially engineered luminaires which extract the heat produced by the lights at the source, cooling it and preventing any heat from entering the controlled environment of the cold room.

This revolutionary approach to cooling cold room lighting can result in energy savings of up to 20% when compared to an ordinary LED system – and that isn’t even in comparison to incandescent or halogen lights, which are vastly hotter and less efficient!

Superior Energy Efficiency

As mentioned above, LED lights don’t emit anywhere near as much heat as conventional lighting types, tailoring them well for use in cold storage environments. However, in addition to lower heat emissions, LED lighting also produces more light per Watt of power consumed, leading to lower energy consumption overall while producing the same results.

With lower overall energy use, LED cold room lighting will reduce your energy bill and result in a leaner, more streamlined business!

Long Lifespan

LED lights have a considerably longer lifespan than other light types, and can remain active at full illumination levels up to 20 times longer than traditional lighting. In conjunction with lower operating costs, this much-reduced maintenance and radically reduced replacement rate means the cost of LED lighting is considerably less in the long run than any other lighting type – and makes sure your cold room staff are never left in the dark!


In an industrial cold storage area, a cold storage warehouse or a business cold room, sturdy fixtures are important. The wear and tear inflicted by everyday operation may be more than originally planned, especially where trolleys, forklifts or pallets are concerned.

Rather than the brittle, easily-shattered glass bulbs of other lighting varieties, the LED cold storage lighting from Every Cooling Solution features sturdy plastic diodes, highly resistant to damage and able to continue working at full capacity in even the busiest warehouse.


Energy efficiency, durability and longer lifespan are reason enough to invest in LED lighting, but one of the driving forces of their success across all industries is the incredible versatility and adaptability of LED lighting.

The LED lights available from Every Cooling Solution can offer an impressive array of options, and can be tailored to any requirements, whether you need strip lighting, downlights or emergency lighting. Speak to the experts at Every Cooling Solution to find out how our cold room LED lighting can be tailored to your requirements – we’ll be happy to help you find the solution you need!

Suitability for Low-Temperature Applications

While incandescent, arc and halogen lights all require a period of warming up before the reach full illumination, LED lights actually work best when kept cool, with maximum efficiency in cold conditions – which naturally suits them best for use in cold room environments, where they will be as efficient as possible!

Why Choose Every Cooling Solution for Your Cold Storage LED Lighting?

Every Cooling Solution is the UK’s leading provider of cold storage and the services and equipment which make great cold storage possible. Our expert staff take great pride in their ability to provide the ideal tailored solution to any business, regardless of requirements, so when you need a lighting solution, get in touch with us today to talk about your needs!

We offer industry-leading lighting design services, including simulations using cutting-edge lighting design software to work out the most efficient and effective lighting design for your cold storage area. We are experts in making sure that your cold storage area has the right amount of light for the work required, holding ourselves and our lighting design up to CIBSE SLL lighting standards to ensure our clients get the best possible service, every time.

In addition to this, all the LED cold room lighting solutions provided by Every Cooling Solution are fitted in a luminaire which features revolutionary heat-extracting systems, stopping any heat energy from escaping the light to affect the cold room. This means that we can offer unparalleled lighting efficiency and extremely low lighting impact on your cold storage – get in touch with us today for more information on how we can assist you in achieving your goals.

Contact Every Cooling Solution Today for LED Cold Room Lights!

If you need more information about the LED cold storage lighting available from Every Cooling Solution, or you would like to ask a question or request a quote, you can do so at any time by calling our dedicated contact line, 01527 834661, or sending us a message using the online contact form on the Contact Page of this site!

The expert staff at Every Cooling Solution have been providing industry-leading cooling and cold storage solutions to our clients for years – they will be happy to help you find the answers to any questions which you may have, and provide any advice you need to find the cold room lighting solution that best suits your individual requirements. No two cold storage solutions are the same, so don’t go with cookie-cutter suppliers – choose Every Cooling Solution for a tailored cold room lighting plan that is bespoke to your needs!

You can use the contact information above to get in touch for any reason, and the staff on the other side of the line will be happy to process your order or provide a quote when you need it. Get in touch with us today and let us know what you need – we will be happy to help you!

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