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Lighting Your Cold Room

Cold Room Lighting

In any cold room or temperature-controlled area, lighting is a key consideration. Cold stores, food packaging plants, server rooms and other chilled areas can’t rely on windows to provide illumination – and must meet exacting requirements for safety and accuracy of operation, making a high-quality cold room lighting solution a crucial part of the set-up.

However, the lights in these environments are presented with a series of challenges not faced by other luminaires – so they must be specially designed and equipped to meet these pitfalls. Every Cooling Solution is able to design and implement lighting solutions that operate under any cold room conditions, providing you with a lighting solution that is efficient, reliable, effective and easy to work with. We can also provide high-quality lighting design services, including the use of cutting-edge lighting design software and simulations to ensure that your illumination solution is perfect for your needs and meets all relevant standards.

The Challenges Faced by Cold Room Lighting

The interior of a cold room is an extreme environment, unlike the normal operating conditions for many lighting rigs. The cold provides challenges to the operation of your lights, but as the environment is a carefully controlled one, your lights also pose a challenge to the cold room, raising the temperature and introducing an additional energy drain to the room.

Heat from Your Cold Room Lighting

Your cold room is a controlled environment, carefully maintained at a certain temperature below the ambient. A heat source inside the cold room might seem counterintuitive, like it could throw the whole thing out of balance, and you’d be right to think that – but this is exactly what a lighting rig is! Even the most efficient lights introduce heat to their surroundings when they operate, so Every Cooling Solution has developed a solution to this problem, containing the heat within the light rig and preventing it from reaching the cold room.

Cold Room Lighting and Energy Efficiency

No light is perfectly efficient – even the best LEDs currently on the market waste the majority of their energy as heat. This, in turn, raises the temperature of your cold room, forcing the cooling system to work harder and use more energy as well. Unless addressed, this can really drive your electricity bill up and increase your carbon footprint – so ECS use only the latest generation of energy-efficient LEDs and insulate them in self-contained lighting solutions, preventing heat from the luminaires from getting into the chilled environment of the cold room.

Cold Room Lighting that can Operate at Freezing Temperatures

As temperatures drop, the efficiency of your lighting system also drops, until, at deep-freezing temperatures, halogen or fluorescent lights are very inefficient indeed. The LEDs used by Every Cooling Solution in our cold room lighting work perfectly well at freezing temperatures, even past -40°C, and are installed with insulation that protects the cold room from their heat – and protects them from the cold!

Cold Room Cleaning and Your Lighting

In some cold rooms, the requirement for precise levels of hygiene make it necessary to use harsh cleaning chemicals, which can corrode your lighting solution over time. To counter this, the cold room lighting from Every Cooling Solution features hardy casing and corrosion-resistant plastic to ensure a long operational life.

The challenges faced by cold room lighting are many and various – low temperatures within a cold room may cause the cold room lighting to suffer reduced efficiency and the heat released by any lighting system may cause the room to warm up, forcing the refrigeration system to work harder in response. At the same time, the harsh cleaning chemicals used in cleaning certain chilled areas may corrode the lighting or damage its function over time – with all this to contend with. the need for a specialised cold room lighting solution is obvious. To meet these needs, ECS can supply and install a range of luminaires that have been specifically designed to cope in the unforgiving conditions of the cold room.

How ECS Lighting Meets These Challenges

With every aspect of cold storage and refrigeration, Every Cooling Solution strives to provide industry-leading solutions to the challenges you face. Our engineers have perfected cold room lighting solutions that can meet the needs of even the coldest and most precisely-chilled environment, giving you lights that you can rely on and gold-standard energy efficiency. In order to provide the best and most efficient cold room lighting, Every Cooling Solution relies on a number of factors, and each of our cold room lighting systems comes with these solutions in place.

Energy Efficiency – LED Cold Room Lights

All of ECS’ lighting options are built with the latest generation of LED lighting technology, providing the absolute best energy efficiency and slashing the amount of energy emitted by the lights as heat. However, even this isn’t perfect – the most efficient LED lighting yet designed still emits 70% of its total energy output as heat, so a specially-designed lighting system prevents this waste heat from reaching the cold room, ensuring that your cooling system has no additional strain put on it and further driving down your energy bill.

Heat – Cold Room Lighting Insulation

As mentioned above, Every Cooling Solution completely heads off the problem of heat emission by using specially-designed LED Lighting systems which extract the heat from the luminaire before it is released into the room, resulting in an LED lighting rig which never affects the temperature of the cold room. Compared to ordinary LED lighting, this can save up to 20% of your total energy use, as your cooling units don’t have to work as hard to counteract the warming effects of the lighting.

Control – Managing your Cold Room Lights

ECS also offers cold room lighting solutions that can be integrated with any of the primary lighting control systems on the market, and can offer sensors and switches to help you to programme your lighting solutions to provide the best possible lighting efficiency and effectiveness.

If you would like to know more about cold room lighting or the LED lighting solutions available from Every Cooling Solution, you can get in touch with ECS by calling 01527 834661, emailing or using the contact form on this site today!

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