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Our guide to choosing the right pharmaceutical facilities

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Whether you are just starting up your pharmaceutical organisation or simply looking to update your pharmaceutical storage facilities, it is vital that you follow the guidelines set out by the WHO Expert Committee. These principles for pharmaceutical preparations will ensure that you maintain compliance whilst also creating a space for pharmaceutical manufacturing that will allow your business to thrive.

In order to adhere to these principles, it is vital that you implement the proper facilities to ensure that you are distributing high-quality pharmaceuticals to your customers.

Here at Every Cooling Solution, we offer a variety of cold-room solutions that cater to the pharmaceutical industry, which we are going to discuss throughout this blog.

Our top 6 pharmaceutical storage solutions

Temperature controlled cold rooms

When it comes to storing medical products, the climate of the room is extremely important in order to properly preserve goods for distribution. Which is why we offer a fully-fledged bespoke cold room service that is tailored to meet your exact requirements including temperature and size.

Our walk-in cold rooms can be used to home an array of products in varying temperatures from 0° to 18° for ‘cool and chill’ storage. For freezing conditions, we provide freezer rooms for temperatures from -40° to 0°.

Efficient refrigeration

In order for your cold room to work effectively, you must implement a high-quality refrigeration system. This will allow your pharmaceutical products to be stored efficiently to avoid contamination and increase productivity.

Here at Every Cooling Solution, we provide clients with eco-friendly refrigeration systems that are extremely durable and effective in protecting all contents within your cold room. We also offer a full lifecycle service for our refrigeration systems which includes everything from design and installation to risk assessments and site appraisals.

This comprehensive service ensures that your refrigeration system is constantly monitored and working efficiently.

Bespoke displays

Display cabinets are extremely beneficial for pharmaceutical manufacturers. They can be used to store medicines and chemicals in order to make them easily accessible to workers and improve production. They can also be used by pharmaceutical distributors to showcase medicine to customers.

At ECS, we offer a number of options including our primary range which comprises multi-deck displays and serve-over cabinets – ideal for anyone operating within the pharmaceutical industry.

Our bespoke range is also particularly suited to this industry due to its unique storage needs. We can work with you to create displays cabinets specific to your business requirements.

Durable flooring

One element of cold storage that is sometimes overlooked is flooring. This is actually one of the most important areas to consider, especially when storing pharmaceuticals in a climate-controlled space.

We provide an extensive range of industrial flooring which is made up of some of the most robust materials – ensuring that your flooring solutions are long-lasting. Our heavy-duty resin bound epoxy screed and flow applied epoxy flooring are perfect for storing pharmaceuticals as they are extremely hygienic and easy to clean. We also offer additional flooring services, including solvent and abrasion-free industrial floor coatings and floor seals which are highly water resistant.

All these flooring solutions will provide you with a pharmaceutical cold room that is thoroughly protected and safe to operate in.

Tailored lighting

Lighting is an important component of any cold room. It enables better visibility for workers without affecting the contents of the cold room through too much or too little light.

Here at ECS, we use first-rate LED lighting technology to design unique light fixtures that cater to your cold room requirements. We specialise in producing efficient lighting systems for harsh conditions where robust fixtures are required. We also offer emergency lighting systems, essential for any building in the event of a power out.

In addition to this, we can also implement lighting controls such as switches and sensors. These can help you save on energy costs and can be programmed to suit your individual storage needs.

Suitable doors

To ensure that your cold room is entirely complaint you must make sure that it is fully sealed by using refrigerated or industrial doors.

We provide a refrigerated door service – including hinged, specialised, and automated sliding doors. These doors are constructed to maintain insulation and a temperature range from 40°C to 30°C. Ensuring that your pharmaceuticals stay in perfect condition.

Our industrial doors can be used for internal use and external distribution purposes, as they are extremely easy to operate and can significantly reduce disruptions and lower energy costs. We offer our customers a range of industrial door solutions including rapid roll doors, loading bays and roller shutters, which are ideal for pharmaceutical preservation and distribution.

Contact ECS for your pharmaceutical storage solutions

At Every Cooling Solution, we have over 70 years’ experience in the controlled temperature industry, which has given us the extensive knowledge and experience that allows us to fulfil our customer’s exact cold storage requirements.

If you are currently operating within the pharmaceutical industry and require high-quality cold storage facilities, you should contact us today by calling 01527 834 661 or alternatively email us at and we will be in touch as soon as possible regarding your enquiry.

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