Every Cooling Solution has acquired over 70 years’ experience in the temperature control industry and, during this time, we have learnt a crucial fact: businesses like convenience. When it comes to cold storage services, they want a full turnkey solution. They want to go to one expert provider in the field; someone who can cater for all their cold storage needs, who can take their vision and create the perfect cooling storage environment to meet their specific criteria and requirements.

This is exactly why we cover all the bases, offering the full range of services and providing “every cooling solution” that you could possibly ever need for your business. There’s no need to waste time and effort, contacting different companies for different things. We have it all, from cold rooms and refrigeration services to industrial doors, refrigerated doors, and display cabinets. LED lighting solutions also come as part of our cold services repertoire, as well as the professional installation and maintenance of industrial flooring – such as heavy-duty resin or decorative flooring.

A Bespoke Turnkey Package of Cold Storage Services

Whatever cold storage project you bring to us – whether it be a cold room, a distribution centre, a retail outlet or display fixture – we will create a bespoke plan to meet your specific requirements. In fact, we strive to bring your vision of an innovative and sustainable cold storage system to life.

You will be assigned to one of our knowledgeable project managers, who will select certain cold storage services and produce a tailor-made package that is relevant to you. Our project managers have substantial experience in a variety of different sectors and industries, including everything from farm shops and retail units to pharmaceutical test chambers and environmentally controlled rooms. We guarantee, they will understand you and your business, and they will utilise their expertise and knowledge to come up with the best possible package of cold storage services to suit you.

High-Quality Products and Exceptional Services

All of our cold storage services are completed to the highest possible standard and we always use the best materials available. Our team of staff are dedicated, fully-trained and knowledgeable and they are able to offer valuable advice and guidance. Cold storage products are installed in an efficient and professional manner and we provide a range of maintenance and service packages to ensure their ongoing efficiency. Quite simply, come to us for your cold storage solutions, and you can expect high-quality products and an exceptional range of services that meet all of your requirements.

The services currently available, include:

Browse through each category for more information and start to think about which of our cold storage services are applicable to you. If you have any questions, why not contact us today using the online form and we can start to build your bespoke turnkey package of services!

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