Fruit and Vegetable Cabinets

Refrigerated display cases can be designed to a precise customer brief and concepts can be modelled in 3D CAD to give a realistic idea of how products will look.  Prototypes can then be built for full ergonomic evaluation either using an mdf mock up or a complete non-working model for a more accurate representation.


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Many aspects such as age and origin, affect how fruit and veg should be stored. With fruit and veg cabinets provided by ECS, you can be given a number of options when it comes to storing your produce goods and keeping them fresh.

For industries linked to food distribution, such as supermarkets, these fruit and veg cabinets are perfect to have produce goods kept fresh and appropriate for displaying for customers to take. With ECS, we take your requirements into consideration. Our fruit and veg cabinets can be made to suit your needs no matter what they are, guaranteeing that our customers get exactly what they pay for with our bespoke designs.


Environmental issues are considered at all stages of design, utilising the very latest in natural refrigerant technology and ensuring that the components may be reused or recycled at the end of their useful life.All cases are fully laboratory tested to maximise energy efficiency and performance, exceeding all of the Stringent European Test standards.

Benefits of Fruit & Veg Cabinets

Your Food Will Be Kept Fresh

Without cool storage facilities, it is simply a matter of days before fruit and veg stock tends to not remain fresh. From the point that they have been harvested from a farmer, they begin to deteriorate in quality. This can cause the progression of dangerous bacteria to form in your produce goods.

What cold storage does is stop the growth of fungi due to the low temperatures, lessening the negative effects on fruit and veg. cool season fruit and veg, such as kale and sprouts, should be stored at around 0-2°C. The warmer season fruit and veg, such as cucumber and tomato, is best to be stored at around 7-10°C.

The cool fruit and veg cabinets manufactured by ECS can be designed to fit the needs of your fresh fruit and veg. Your cabinet can be made to fit the temperature requirements needed for your food storage to guarantee your food remains suitable to be distributed.


Advertises Your Products

The main benefit for supermarkets, from a marketing perspective, with a fruit and veg cabinet is the opportunity to display the food being sold. For ease of customers having a self-serve type system, fruit and veg cabinets are there ultimately to keep produce goods preserved at a suitable temperature whilst making them available for customers to take and buy them.

With ECS, we can manufacture bespoke fruit and veg cabinets that will be perfect or your marketing needs. We can make your cabinets to fit the ‘eye level is brand level’ type gimmick to ensure your produce goods are given attention and purchased in due time.


Variety of Sizes

At ECS we understand that different companies have different requirements. Different companies have different amounts of space available.

ECS can make a variety of bespoke fruit and veg cabinets to fit the needs of your available space. After a simple conversation with one of our experts about your expectations of the work to be done, we will take everything into consideration for when we create your fruit and veg cabinet.

Bespoke Range

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