LED Lighting Solutions

Lighting is a key element of the specification of any insulated chamber. Whether it is a cold store, a food factory or a server room, correct lighting is essential for safety, accuracy, comfort and compliance. ECS offers a complete lighting service to ensure that you receive a lighting solution that is efficient, reliable, safe and easy to maintain.


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Design Work

Every Cooling Solution offers lighting design services, including provision of simulations using the latest lighting design software. We can ensure that you have the correct level of lighting for the activity that is taking place, ensuring that your workforce benefit from lighting to CIBSE SLL recommended specifications.

Controlled Environments

Insulated, climate-controlled structures are often used to create very specific conditions – these may be very harsh, such as very low temperature frozen chambers, or they may require adherence to hygiene levels. They may also be subject to use of aggressive cleaning agents. Clearly, the lights fitted within these buildings need to be designed to cope with these conditions and meet appropriate design standards. Every Cooling Solution has a range of luminaires that are designed exclusively for use in these demanding applications.


Every Cooling Solution uses the latest generation LED technology to minimize energy use. However, all lights emit heat – even LEDs emit 70% of their input energy as waste heat. In large chambers with high power lighting systems, the heat load generated by the lights can have a very significant effect on the HVAC system operating costs. Every Cooling Solution employs unique luminaire design to extract the heat from the luminaire at source, so that it never enters the controlled environment. This can save up to 20% energy use when compared with conventional LED systems.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is an essential part of the safety infrastructure of the building. It needs to be adequate, reliable and easy to maintain. It also needs to be tested regularly and the test results need to be logged for proof of compliance. Every Cooling Solution offers emergency modules that are either integrated within the luminaire or operate as standalone units. These can be specified with automated self test cycles and can even be supplied with wireless automated reporting and report logging.


Every Cooling Solution can supply luminaires that are equipped with electronics that integrate with most of the major lighting control systems. We can also provide a range of matching sensors and switches and can advise on programming in order to maximize safety and efficiency.

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