Multi Deck Display Fridge

Refrigerated display cases can be designed to a precise customer brief and concepts can be modelled in 3D CAD to give a realistic idea of how products will look.  Prototypes can then be built for full ergonomic evaluation either using an mdf mock up or a complete non-working model for a more accurate representation.


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Multi Deck Display cabinets are an increasingly popular way of displaying chilled products to passing customers, particularly in food orientated industries. Multideck refrigeration cabinets allow for maximum visibility to customers, offering a large display area for you to store a high quantity of products

Refrigerated multideck displays are a versatile product but are particularly well suited to certain industries. Businesses selling chilled food, drinks or other goods tend to find them more useful than others. Self-service scenarios like convenience stores or takeaway restaurants would also benefit greatly from the use of a multideck display fridge.

At ECS (Every Cooling Solution) we provide a bespoke service to ensure that you receive the multi deck display cabinet that you need. Customise the size, shape and storage space organisation to suit your businesses and customer’s needs. The ECS expert team offer an unrivalled start to finish service, striving to meet the requirements of even the most demanding retail environments.

Alongside an expert from the ECS team, your multi deck fridge can be designed to specifically fit your establishment and the space you would like it to present your chilled goods. Using 3D CAD, your idea will be displayed to you, so you can see how it looks, and if you would like to go ahead with the manufacturing. Prototypes can then be produced, and ergonomic evaluation of your multideck display cabinet can be conducted.

Environmental issues are considered at all stages of design, utilising the very latest in natural refrigerant technology and ensuring that the components may be reused or recycled at the end of their useful life.All cases are fully laboratory tested to maximise energy efficiency and performance, exceeding all of the Stringent European Test standards.

Benefits of Multideck Fridges

Display Volume of Multi Deck Fridges

A bespoke multideck fridge by ECS will provide your business with the display volume that you need, providing passing customers with the necessary view to see all the products that you store within. The presentation that multi-deck display cabinets provide is the primary reason behind implementing them into your store. The storage space provided coupled with the attractive perception they offer customers make them the ideal location to store your chilled goods.


Multi Deck Fridges keep your products Fresh

Multi Deck fridges are well known for the efficient performance and temperature control options that they offer. As the temperature of our multi deck display cabinets can be altered, they can be used for the preservation and storage of a wide range of products.


Maintenance of Multi Deck Fridges

A benefit that is often overlooked when debating the purchase of a cooling storage solution is the amount of maintenance required. Multi Deck fridges are possibly the most easily maintained solution out there, easily allowing your business to uphold the hygiene standards you need to. Your Multi Deck refrigerated display by ECS is fitted with removable shelving allowing easy access to the internal refrigeration and thorough cleaning of shelves.

Bespoke Range

If you’re interested in the multi deck fridges that we provide, don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts on to discuss the options available to you. Begin the process of designing and manufacturing your bespoke multi deck fridge today!


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