Serve Over Display Counters

Refrigerated display cases can be designed to a precise customer brief and concepts can be modelled in 3D CAD to give a realistic idea of how products will look.  Prototypes can then be built for full ergonomic evaluation either using an mdf mock up or a complete non-working model for a more accurate representation.


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Refrigerated serve over cabinets are a leading solution to displaying your businesses products while maintaining their freshness and the overall quality of your stock. Whether you are looking to house cooked meats, drinks, sandwiches or other snacks, serve over cabinets by ECS are sure to meet your every need.

Providing bespoke serve over counters for all our customers, the ECS team strive to ensure that the serve over counter you receive is one perfectly suited to your business and the space you have available, regardless of the demands of the environment.

Serve over counters allow you to showcase your products to potential customers while maintaining food hygiene standards and the necessary temperatures. Serve over counter fridges are most regularly implemented for the presentation of fresh meat, fresh fish and cakes within cafes.

The use of display cabinets allows your customers to trust your produce as it is continually on display. As a result, they can see the quality of the products themselves.

Environmental issues are considered at all stages of design, utilising the very latest in natural refrigerant technology and ensuring that the components may be reused or recycled at the end of their useful life.All cases are fully laboratory tested to maximise energy efficiency and performance, exceeding all of the Stringent European Test standards.

Benefits of Serve Over Cabinets

Presentation of Serve Over Cabinets

Serve Over counters provide an aesthetically pleasing display for you to present your perishable goods to potential buyers. The impeccable glass viewing allows for the products to be seen clearly by all passers-by. The lighting benefits are more important than you may think, particularly when it comes to your bottom line. The visual impact you have on customers is vital when looking to make any sale and incorporating a well-designed serve over counter is no different.  The bespoke lighting you incorporate is sure to make your products look great and in turn, fly off the shelf.


Serve Over Counters Temperature Control

Above all, the high-quality temperature control component of the serve over display fridges is the most impressive, and most useful quality it possesses. We supply the highest quality bespoke serve over counters in the UK, featuring temperature control sensors to ensure your produce is kept at the necessary temperatures that you require.


Hygiene Standards of Serve Over Display Cabinets

When operating within the food industry, upholding the necessary food hygiene standards is of paramount importance. The high-quality tempered glass used for ECS serve over counters will prevent any contamination.

Bespoke Range

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