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What Cold Storage is the Best for Food and Drink Retail?

What Cold Storage is the Best for Food and Drink Retail_

Food and drink retail – including restaurants, hotels, bars, and anywhere that stocks and sells food or drinks – relies on cold storage to function. Without adequate cold storage, foodstuffs spoil, drinks are ruined and the business loses money – or worse, their reputation and legal standing.

With that in mind, choosing the right sort of cold storage for your business is a vital part of the food and drinks industry. Whether you’re serving haute cuisine in a 5-star restaurant or storing bottles of milk in a supermarket, your cold storage will be an essential component of your business facilities, and will need to be tailored to your needs.

Luckily, ECS are here to provide this tailored service, with cold storage that is built bespoke to your requirements, whatever they are!

Cold Rooms

The first sort of food storage or drinks storage that a business may need to consider is a cold room. Particularly useful when large amounts of stock need to be stored before use, a cold room lets a restaurant, retail outlet or bar organise their stock efficiently, and provides one consolidated cold storage location, saving on space, energy and effort. Easily organised and ideal for rotating stock, the cold rooms available from Every Cooling Solution provide a cost-effective way to keep large volumes of stock fresh.

If you need a cold room for your restaurant cold storage, hotel cold storage, or any other reason, you can get in touch with Every Cooling Solution today on our telephone number, 01527 834661, or by using the contact form on this page to send a message – we will be able to provide a completely bespoke, custom-made cold room for your food and drink storage, taking into account your unique needs and requirements to create a perfect fit for you.

Freezer Rooms

Where colder conditions are needed, look no further than our freezer rooms. At refrigeration temperatures, growth of bacteria and microbes is slowed and food is preserved for a time: at freezing temperatures it is often stopped completely, allowing you to store food and drinks for much longer times and more efficiently allocate stock, saving money and hassle and ensuring that your customers can always enjoy your products.

Like our cold rooms and display cabinets, ECS freezer rooms can be made completely bespoke to your requirements, providing a solution which is unique to you!

Display Cabinets

In many kinds of food and drink retail, including buffets, bars and cafés, it’s beneficial to advertise the food and drinks on offer to customers directly. With fresh, tasty-looking food and drinks on offer in a display cabinet, customers are much more likely to splash out and treat themselves, and they can choose exactly what they want based on what they see.

A display cabinet doesn’t just let you advertise your food and drinks – it also keeps them cold and fresh, preserving them and preventing contamination. At Every Cooling Solution, we can provide a range of display cabinets to suit your needs, including completely bespoke options built specially to your requirements.

Contact ECS for Food and Drink Storage Today!

For more information on the food and drink storage options available from Every Cooling Solution, or advice on which storage option would be best suited to your needs, you can contact ECS using our telephone number, 01527 834661, or use the contact form on this page – we’ll be happy to help!

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