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What to Consider When Choosing Cold Storage

Cold Storage

Businesses in many industries can make use of cold storage to boost their efficiency and quality of service, whether they are catering for customers, preserving pharmaceuticals and temperature-sensitive materials, storing goods or chilling materials as part of a larger processing plan. If your business could make use of cold storage to better serve its customers, then you may wish to invest in an improvement to your facilities – Every Cooling Solution can help you to achieve the ideal cold storage solutions for your industry, whether you need a simple cold room or an industrial cooling solution.

Feel free to call the ECS head office team on 01527 834661 or message us on our contact form – the experts at our head office will be happy to answer any questions you may have or provide any advice you need to find the best cold storage solution for your requirements, whatever they are! We have years of experience in providing industry-leading cold storage solutions to our clients, so contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Why Invest in Cold Storage?

Cold storage, whether it’s in the form of a cold room or a simple refrigerator, is vital for many businesses to operate properly. Cold storage allows business operators to store goods at the ideal temperature to maintain integrity and quality, and avoid waste, and can even take the form of display cabinets to display products to customers in an appealing way.

Cold storage boosts the business profitability, efficiency, hygiene, safety and storage capacity of a business, so it’s clear why you would want to invest in it – the only question is what sort of cold storage to choose.

Things to Consider When Choosing Cold Storage

Every Cooling Solution provides a huge range of cold storage solutions to suit any needs, from display cabinets to cold rooms and walk-in freezers. Whatever your cold storage requirements, ECS can meet them with a bespoke cooling solution – so what do you need to consider when choosing?

What Temperature Do You Need?

The first thing you’ll need to look into when choosing a cold storage solution for your business is the required temperature. If you need freezing temperatures, Every Cooling Solution can provide walk in freezers that can chill down to -40°C, or where refrigeration is required, our cold rooms and chillers can refrigerate to a wide range of temperatures.

A display cabinet may not be able to reach the same temperatures as a freezer, nor could a conventional cold room, so make sure to take care over the temperature requirements your business may have, to make sure your cold storage is up to the task!

How Much Storage Do You Need?

The next thing to consider, after temperature, is the amount of storage space required. Small cold storage requirements may be met with refrigerators or freezers, while larger volumes of goods may require a cold room, cold storage room or freezer room to fully accommodate them.

Where even larger amounts of storage are required, a number of cold rooms might be needed, or one large bespoke cold storage room – talk to Every Cooling Solution for more information on these large bespoke cold rooms. We can help you to achieve the ideal cold storage solution for your business at any size, even up to cold storage warehouses and refrigerated warehouses.

What Kind of Cold Storage Do You Need?

With your other requirements in mind, you should be able to pin down the kind of cold storage that you need. The cold storage options available from Every Cooling Solution include completely bespoke systems, designed for you, so the following list is not exhaustive – if what you need isn’t on there, get in touch with us today on 01527 834661 or send us a message to talk about your bespoke cold storage requirements. The other cold storage solutions available from Every Cooling Solution include:

Cold Room

A cold room – sometimes called a walk-in cold room – is one of the most popular cold storage solutions used by modern businesses. Able to provide a consistent refrigerated temperature and large amounts of storage space, a cold room is a versatile, adaptable cold storage room which can handle a wide variety of goods, with superior energy efficiency and space efficiency when compared to a bank of refrigerators or other cold storage options.

Display Cabinet

Perfect for showing off a product without removing it from its preservative cold storage, display cabinets are a common sight in retail, especially supermarkets. A display cabinet is the ideal cold storage solution for you if you need a way to advertise your chilled goods to customers, encouraging sales and boosting business profitability. Talk to the ECS designers about creating the best chilled display cabinets for your needs today!

Walk-In Freezer

A walk-in freezer operates much like a cold room, but at a much lower temperature. The walk-in freezers from Every Cooling Solution can reach temperatures of -40°C, cold enough to preserve any foodstuffs and other goods for very long periods of time.

Where you need the ability to freeze large amounts of goods, while still being able to access them, rotate stock, keep it organised and make use of it in your business, a walk-in freezer is the ideal solution for you.

Cold Storage Warehouse

At the largest volumes, refrigerated goods can best be managed in a cold storage warehouse. Essentially a huge cold room, a cold storage warehouse needs the ability to handle distribution and warehousing for large volumes of goods, without losing energy and compromising the thermal insulation of the warehouse.

Without special preparations, like insulated industrial doors, insulated flooring and powerful cooling systems, a cold storage warehouse won’t be anywhere near as efficient or effective as it could be – luckily, Every Cooling Solution can provide these features to make sure that your business can make use of an industry-leading cold storage warehouse, cutting energy costs and protecting your wares!

What Industries Can Make Use of Cold Storage?

A huge range of industries can make use of cold storage to improve their efficiency, boost profitability and ensure good standards of safety and hygiene for their customers. From restaurants and food retail to pharmaceuticals, education, hospitality, warehousing and distribution, farming and agriculture, food processing and logistics, a huge range of industries can make use of cold storage to reach their business goals.

Contact Every Cooling Solution for Cold Storage Today!

If you would like to know more about the factors to consider when choosing a cold storage solution, or you have questions about cold storage solutions and their suitability to your requirements, you can call the expert staff at Every Cooling Solution on 01527 834661 or send us a message on our contact form, available on our Contact Us page!

With years of experience in providing industry-leading cold storage solutions across a huge range of client disciplines, Every Cooling Solution can provide any information you might need or advice that may be helpful in choosing the ideal cold storage solution for your individual requirements.

No two businesses are the same, so to choose the best cold storage for your needs, make sure to talk to the experts – make sure to talk to Every Cooling Solution!

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