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What to Expect from Your Cold Room Installation

Install Cold Room

If you are ordering a cold room installation from Every Cooling Solution, you will naturally be concerned about what the installation will involve, whether it will disrupt your business and whether it can be adapted to suit your needs. However, you don’t need to worry about the installation process and what it might entail – here at ECS we take every step into consideration to make sure that your cold room installation will be as smooth as unobtrusive as possible.

At Every Cooling Solution, we pride ourselves on our turnkey services, which are adapted to your current premises and business needs, working around your normal operations to avoid disruption as much as possible. This extends to our cold room installations – from the moment you place an order, the delivery and installation process is planned with your assistance to find the most suitable times for you. This may involve finding a time when your business is quietest, or creating an opportunity to install your new cold room while business continues around the installation.

Advice is available from the ECS team to assist with a quick, easy and decisive installation – like ensuring electrical conduits are available for your cold room, making some preparations to the area ahead of time and ensuring a clear unloading area for your delivery crew to work in.

The Installation Process

At the chosen time, the expert ECS installation team will arrive and begin work. Depending on the type of cold room you have chosen, the actual installation may vary:

Cold rooms installed by ECS can be constructed in your existing premises while the turnkey service provided by our expert installation teams prevents disruption to your work and operations, allowing you to work as normally as possible around the construction. If you have opted for one of these cold rooms, a project manager at Every Cooling Solution will be in contact to ensure that you have the most accurate possible estimate for your cold room installation, allowing you to make any necessary adjustments to ensure smooth operation of your own business.

Some larger, more intensive constructions, like an industrial cold room from ECS, may be more labour-intensive to install and require more ground-up construction, but the turnkey solutions available from Every Cooling Solution ensure that the installation will fit your current facilities and your current requirements as closely as possible, with minimum disruption to your activities and business.

If you are interested in any of our services, or you would like to enquire about a cold room installation, you can get in touch with the head office at Every Cooling Solution by calling 01527 834661 or emailing us on! The expert staff at our head office will be happy to provide any information or advice you may need, to ensure that you can find the perfect cold room and cold room installation service to suit your needs.

Whatever you need, you’ll find it at Every Cooling Solution.

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